Tales of People Dying pt. 14: Satan’s Daughter

Jack Marlow had been alone for a long time. He would watch the beautuful women from afar, never brave enough to open a line of dialogue with them. To ask them how their day was. To compliment them on an immaculate hair day.

His nights consisted of making a dinner for one. Sitting on the couch and eating that dinner while watching a movie he had seen a hundred times. Then bedtime would fall upon him. He would change into his bed attire. Lay back into his queen size bed and masturbate while thinking of all the pretty ladies he would never have.

But on this night Jack Marlow decided to change all that. Instead of his normal bedtime ritual, this time he got on his hands and knees and prayed to God to give him the courage and strength to approach another of the opposite sex. That he was so sad and lonely and he would do anything to feel the love of another.

After his prayer he climbed in bed, masturbated, and fell asleep.

Later that night he was awoken to someone whispering in his ear.

“Jacky boy,” the figure said in a raspy whisper. “Wakey wakey.”

And Jack did wake to find a male figure standing above him.


“Do I look like an asshole?”

“Who are you?”

“Me? I’m your slimey friend the Devil.”


“Yeah…Prince of Darkness, Beezelbub…I’ve got many names.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Answering your prayer Jacky.”

“I prayed to God.”

“You think God cares if you want to get laid?”

“But you do?”

“Fuck yes Jacky.”


“Look, I’m here to do you a service. You want to get laid, I’m the guy that can get that done.”

“And what do I have to do?”

“You said you would do anything.”

“Pretty much.”

“There’s only one thing I want from you Jacky…your soul.”

“Don’t I need that?”

“Have you ever used it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Exactly. Here, let me show you what I got. I’m pulling out the goods for you Jacky. Only the best, my own daughter.”

A female appears beside the Devil. She is everything Jack Marlow had dreamed of. She stood there hands on her hips, lips pouty, a smile creeping onto her face.

“Oooo…I’d fuck him for free,” she teases.

“Haha! Well nothing is free sweetheart. Go lay next to him. Let him feel your essence.”

She lays next to Jack Marlow. Taking her hand and running it up and down his chest. He looks up at the Devil.

“I’ll give you any fucking thing you want.”

“Your soul.”

“It’s a deal.”

They shake hands. The Devil starts to walk away. He says one last thing.

“If you cum. You die.”

“What?” Jack Marlow asks without getting an answer. The Devil’s daughter is already on top of him. Riding him widly. Jack Marlow tries to resist but feels the pressure rising inside him. And after about a minute he explodes in pleasure. It’s then he feels his body numbing and darkness overtaking him. His heart stops. He slips away.


Tales of People Dying pt. 13: A Metaphorical Death

I’ve died three times in my life. My physical death, the moment I saw her smile and the moment she left my life. The latter being the more painful death. A death I never recovered from.

The smile brought a welcome death. The weakness of body and heart. Make you susceptible for what is to come. Your brain is trying with all it’s might to build a wall to protect itself. Knowing what comes when it all falls apart. But the body being the more resilient of the two softens to take the blow.

I saw that smile and my body lost all control. Passing away into another realm so I could fill myself with all of her. I died that night and it was glorious.

My second death was vicious. Ripping and tearing. Pain seething and searing. Unrelenting. Poisonous. Spreading within me. Losing control of emotions and decision making.

It was like ripping my skin off. Losing completeness. Cutting a whole in my chest allowing all to drain out leaving an empty nothing.

We all die. Some deaths are welcome. Some make it that nothing feels good anymore. You press on from. But you never recover from the unwelcome death. I never did. She was the last thing I thought of on the night of my physical death. And to be honest, it was as welcome as the death from her smile. In some strange way I felt whole again.

Tales of People Dying pt. 11: The Thanksgiving Date

I’ve never been the most attractive of gals. Not your typical slim beauty. I have curves and a wonky nose so dating isn’t all that easy. 

I joined an online dating site because I thought, what the hell, it’s the holidays and maybe I could find a nice fella to spend them with and if nothing else, free food. (I sound like such a fatty but everyone loves food, get over it.) I found him the day before Thanksgiving. He was cute and sweet and found my wonky nose endearing.

He invited me to his family’s house to share the holiday and get to know each other. It seemed strange but, it was exactly what I wanted.

Everything was great at first. His family was really nice and he was much cuter than his pictures let on. We had many laughs and I felt special for the first time in a long time. 

It wasn’t until after we ate and his mother began pouring wine. At first I thought I was just getting drunk really fast. But then I got light headed and fell to the floor. I never awoke after that. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was being drugged. And the reasoning for my being drugged was a grotesque nature that I never would have imagined. 

I never woke up because I was murdered that night. The worst part wasn’t that I was murdered. No, the worst part was that I was also eaten. Eaten by a family of sick, disgusting people.

Never more have I felt like such a fat little piggy. Thanks for that asshole.