Tales of People Dying pt. 11: The Thanksgiving Date

I’ve never been the most attractive of gals. Not your typical slim beauty. I have curves and a wonky nose so dating isn’t all that easy. 

I joined an online dating site because I thought, what the hell, it’s the holidays and maybe I could find a nice fella to spend them with and if nothing else, free food. (I sound like such a fatty but everyone loves food, get over it.) I found him the day before Thanksgiving. He was cute and sweet and found my wonky nose endearing.

He invited me to his family’s house to share the holiday and get to know each other. It seemed strange but, it was exactly what I wanted.

Everything was great at first. His family was really nice and he was much cuter than his pictures let on. We had many laughs and I felt special for the first time in a long time. 

It wasn’t until after we ate and his mother began pouring wine. At first I thought I was just getting drunk really fast. But then I got light headed and fell to the floor. I never awoke after that. 

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was being drugged. And the reasoning for my being drugged was a grotesque nature that I never would have imagined. 

I never woke up because I was murdered that night. The worst part wasn’t that I was murdered. No, the worst part was that I was also eaten. Eaten by a family of sick, disgusting people.

Never more have I felt like such a fat little piggy. Thanks for that asshole.