Tales of People Dying pt. 8: The Pest

The house smelled like pineapples. A sweet smell that turned my stomach and made me want to leave immediately. I held back the sick that was working its way up my esophagus and ventured through a door by a kitchen that led to a basement that occupied the reasoning for my coming to this pineappley hell.

The basement smelled better but there was a thickness in the air that seemed to encapsulate my head in an invisible pillow which made breathing a chore filling my eyes with tears that blurred my vision. I began to think I wouldn’t make it out of this house alive.

I made my way through the basement as best I could finding a wall and leaning against it at first then outstretching a hand to guide me. I began to feel light-headed and a cough rose from lungs. I coughed causing dust and who knows what else to loosen from the wall and drift into my face. The granules found a way into my already reddened eyes and felt like jagged rocks making cuts as I frantically blinked hoping my tears would wash them away.

It was then I lost all control of my legs and slid against the wall. The loose wood sent splinters into my shoulder causing me to take in a deep breath of the dust particles I’d stirred up with my sudden declination to the floor. I fell forward my face slamming hard pushing my teeth into my cheek and I swore I heard a cracking and a few teeth come loose. This thought became reality as my mouth filled with the coppery taste of my own blood.

I laid where I fell. My body sapped of all strength. My arms refused to move. I felt paralyzed. My mouth filling with blood faster than I could swallow. I felt a warmth under my head and saw a black liquid inching its way out from underneath. I instantly knew it was my blood. That my head had cracked open and that I was going to die. I laid there unable to remember my life. My head cloudy from whatever caused this. I closed my eyes and accepted the inevitable.

I came to at the feeling of cool air and muffled voices. I felt as if I were floating. I heard a woman’s voice…

“He ran in, I couldn’t stop him. He was repeating the same thing over and over, ‘It’s got to be here’. I yelled to him you can’t go in there it’s being fumigated but he just ran in so I called you guys. Is he going to be okay?”

I was being thrown around on what I assumed to be a gurney of some sort and I barely made out two figures pulling themselves into whatever I had just been put in. Two slamming noises and loud sirens followed. One of the figures put something on my face and air began to be forced into my nose. I laid there for a few minutes trying to figure everything out. To just make sense of what was going on. It was then I closed my eyes for the last time.




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