Tales of People Dying pt. 10: The Ghost

Mr. Peabody had lived on the top floor of his apartment building for the past thirty-four years. When he first moved in his neighbors warned him of the spirits that haunted his new place of residence. He chose to ignore them and for the entirety of his stay had never seen a single ghostly figure.

But on this night that would all change. His night began as any other. Cooking a nutritious meal and sitting in his favorite chair to watch a mediocre television show to pass the time till he fell asleep.

He had just finished preparing his meal and sat down when the noise started outside. A horrible ruckus of shouting and expletives seemed to be coming from right outside his window. He walked to it, opened it and saw two teenage kids wrestling with each other. He shouted down to them, “Can you please keep it down?”. For which the teenagers just laughed. Mr. Peabody walked to the kitchen and filled a bowl with cold water. He took it back to the window and poured it on the two teenagers. The action was met with more expletives. Mr. Peabody smiled and went back to his chair; turning up the television to drown out any noise.


The two teenagers were not happy about the old man dumping water on them. One of them had a plan.

“That old man lives in the Adam’s apartment. Shit’s supposed to be haunted as fuck. I say we scare the shit out of that old man.”

“What do we do?”

“My Dad is the landlord of this shithole. I can get keys to any of the apartments. I say we sneak in, pretend to be ghosts and scare the shit out of the dirt bag.”

“That sounds aces. I’m in.”

So the teens go inside and find the key and a couple of white sheets and slowly make their way to Mr. Peabody’s.

They can hear the television from outside his door. One of the teens takes the key and without making a noise turns the lock. The door opens and the two slip inside. It is dark inside and they can see the glow of the television and the sleeping Mr. Peabody in a reclining chair. They sneak past him and enter the kitchen. They place their sheets over their heads. One of the teens grabs a couple of glasses and throws them one by one towards the reclining chair until Mr. Peabody wakes. He sits up frantically. Desperately trying to stand he pulls himself up and walks around the chair to find the broken glasses. A wind comes in through his open window blowing his curtains and directing his attention. The teens use this as their opportunity. They exit the kitchen and slowly make their way towards Mr.Peabody. He sees them and steps backwards. His bare feet connecting with the broken glass which causes him to lose balance. One teen starts to make scary noises and in a gruff voice says, “Get out!”

Still trying to catch his balance Mr. Peabody steps on another shard of glass. Blood has begun to seep from his wounds. His wounded foot falls in the mix of blood and glass causing him to slip and fall backwards. He outstretches a hand but catches nothing. For the only handhold around would have been his window, which remained opened due to the disturbances from the two teens.

Mr. Peabody’s hand exited the window. Followed by his upper body. He tried to grab at anything to try and pull himself back in but to no avail. His upper body weight pulled him forward. Sliding him out the window and falling to the concrete below.

The teens ran to the window. Throwing off their sheets and looking at the crumpled body that lay beneath them.

“He’s gonna move. He’s gonna be okay.”

“We have to do something.”

They watch as Mr.Peabody continues to lay still. They see a car driving up the road. It pulls over and a figure runs to the body. The two teens duck their heads inside.

“He’ll be fine. We gotta go.”

They gather up their things and exit the apartment.


As Mr.Peabody lay waiting for what he knew was coming he lay there trying to figure out why after thirty years of silence the ghosts would do this to him now. He figured he had always been a good tenant. That they lived in a peacefulness. Never getting in each other’s way. He died that night in a state of wonder. His last thoughts on the mysteries of the world and what lay ahead of him. He smiled at the thought and closed his eyes.


Tales of People Dying pt. 9: The Clown

The clown never expected today to be his last day. If he had, maybe he would have gone home and changed out of his costume and not have tried to be a hero. But this was the life of the clown. Nothing ever went the way he expected. Though in his final minutes he kept true to himself.

The clown entered the convenience store with the hopes of picking up a soda, a candy bar and maybe a six-pack of cheap beer and exit quickly back to his house to take a shower and lay on his couch while watching episodes of television he had seen plenty of times before. It was while standing at the beer cooler that he heard the bells of the door ringing. He had no reason to suspect any foul play to be afoot, hundreds of people walk through that door everyday. But then he heard the shouting.

He turned to the commotion and saw a figure waving something that looked like a gun in the store worker’s face. The clown knew that this could escalate into something where a life could be taken. He made a decision.

He walked to the young man with the gun.

“Well helllllooooo there sonny!,”the clown said.

The gunman looked at the clown in a confused manner.

“What the fuck is this?”

“Wow there sonny, that’s no way to speak to a friend and Chuckles here is everybody’s friend!”

“You got to be shittin’ me.”

The gunman looked back at the store clerk, “Keep putting the money in the bag you fuck!”.

The clerk does as told. The clown starts to run in circles running into a wire rack holding magazines. He falls with a crash. Jumps back to his feet bellowing a ridiculous laugh. He then goes to one knee outstretches his hands above his head and says,”Ta daa!”. The gunman looks at him. This is when the clown squirts the gunman in the face with a stream of water from a flower that is attached to his shirt.

“What the fuck man!”

The gunman not taking kindly to the clown’s act hits the clown in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. The clown falls hard face forward, his head bouncing off the hard tile. The clown blinks trying to clear his vision. All he sees is the blood seeping from his head collecting in a puddle in front of him and a red ball that he recognizes a his nose.

When the gunman’s business is complete he turns to run out of the store. The clown can only see his feet. He watches as the gunman’s foot steps on his nose. A squeak emits from underneath the sneaker. The clown silently laughs to himself and smiles as he closes his eyes.

Tales of People Dying pt. 8: The Pest

The house smelled like pineapples. A sweet smell that turned my stomach and made me want to leave immediately. I held back the sick that was working its way up my esophagus and ventured through a door by a kitchen that led to a basement that occupied the reasoning for my coming to this pineappley hell.

The basement smelled better but there was a thickness in the air that seemed to encapsulate my head in an invisible pillow which made breathing a chore filling my eyes with tears that blurred my vision. I began to think I wouldn’t make it out of this house alive.

I made my way through the basement as best I could finding a wall and leaning against it at first then outstretching a hand to guide me. I began to feel light-headed and a cough rose from lungs. I coughed causing dust and who knows what else to loosen from the wall and drift into my face. The granules found a way into my already reddened eyes and felt like jagged rocks making cuts as I frantically blinked hoping my tears would wash them away.

It was then I lost all control of my legs and slid against the wall. The loose wood sent splinters into my shoulder causing me to take in a deep breath of the dust particles I’d stirred up with my sudden declination to the floor. I fell forward my face slamming hard pushing my teeth into my cheek and I swore I heard a cracking and a few teeth come loose. This thought became reality as my mouth filled with the coppery taste of my own blood.

I laid where I fell. My body sapped of all strength. My arms refused to move. I felt paralyzed. My mouth filling with blood faster than I could swallow. I felt a warmth under my head and saw a black liquid inching its way out from underneath. I instantly knew it was my blood. That my head had cracked open and that I was going to die. I laid there unable to remember my life. My head cloudy from whatever caused this. I closed my eyes and accepted the inevitable.

I came to at the feeling of cool air and muffled voices. I felt as if I were floating. I heard a woman’s voice…

“He ran in, I couldn’t stop him. He was repeating the same thing over and over, ‘It’s got to be here’. I yelled to him you can’t go in there it’s being fumigated but he just ran in so I called you guys. Is he going to be okay?”

I was being thrown around on what I assumed to be a gurney of some sort and I barely made out two figures pulling themselves into whatever I had just been put in. Two slamming noises and loud sirens followed. One of the figures put something on my face and air began to be forced into my nose. I laid there for a few minutes trying to figure everything out. To just make sense of what was going on. It was then I closed my eyes for the last time.



Until the End

A male is sitting in a room looking out a window. Another male enters.

Alexander: Are you ready?

Christian: Is Seraphim with you?

Alexander: She’s out by the car.

Christian lowers the blinds and turns to leave. Alexander follows.


Christian , Alexander and Seraphim are in a park. They walk towards a wooded area.

Seraphim: It’s so quiet here.

Alexander: It seems all the bad shit is going down in cities. Nothing here worth destroying.

Christian: What’s going on?

Seraphim: Looting, murder, suicide. You name it it’s happening.

Alexander: So why aren’t we out causing mayhem?

Christian: No one is forcing you to be here.

Alexander: You’re right, there’s no point.

Seraphim: (To Alexander) Didn’t you say you wanted to go out having sex?

Alexander: I changed my mind.

Seraphim: What caused that?

Alexander: Having sex out of wedlock is a sin. So, if there is a heaven, I’m trying my damndest not to fuck up my chances of getting.

Christian: Swearing is a sin too.

Alexander: I guess I’m just full of contradictions. Aside from saying a few bad words, today I am the most religious man you know.

Seraphim: You’re not serious.

Alexander: Yes I’m serious. You just don’t understand. You two have your golden tickets. Hell just look at your names. I’ve never given a fuck about that shit until my life is on the line. They say you find faith in times of woe. It appears it’s true.

Seraphim: (To Christian) You’re not jumping on the Jesus bandwagon are you?

Christian: You know me better than that.

The three of them walk in silence for a while.

Alexander: My mom wouldn’t stop crying. She hugged me for like thirty minutes. I didn’t think she would ever let me go.

Seraphim: My father wouldn’t even speak. He just sat staring at the blank screen of the tv.

Christian: I wonder if they are still alive?

Seraphim stops walking. Christian walks up to her. She wraps her arms around him.

Seraphim: (Looking Christian in the eyes) I love you.

Christian: I love you too.

Seraphim: I’m glad we met.

Christian: Sera, please, don’t do this now. Not yet.

Seraphim: I don’t want it to be too late. We have no idea when we are going to go. It could be any second now. Just let me say what I have too.

Alexander walks away.

Christian: (To Alexander) Where are you going?

Alexander: What you two have to say isn’t for my ears.

Christian looks back at Seraphim. She is smiling.

Christian: What?

Seraphim: Can’t I just look at you without there being a reason?

Christian: You just seem like you want to say something.

Seraphim: I do. It’ll come soon.


Alexander is much further down the trail. There is a rustling in the trees next to him. He sees a male and a female who appear to be having sex. He steps closer. The male looks at Alexander. Alexander sees blood on the male.

Alexander: What is going on? Get off her!

The male stands where he is and speaks to Alexander.

Male: Don’t you get it? We are free. There’s nothing we can’t do. We can unleash our forbidden desires and dine on the sins of man. It’s what God wants.

Alexander: You are crazy.

Male: Am I? Or are you just denying the truth? (He points to the sky) He is challenging us. This is His judgement day. We are all being judged.

Alexander: Is that what happened here? God’s judgement?

Male: He judged her through me. We are all dead my friend. It’s just a matter of time.

The male approached Alexander.

Alexander: Don’t come near me.

The man continues approaching and reveals a knife.

Alexander: I’m warning you.

The male runs at Alexander. Raising the knife he attempts to plunge it at Alexander. Alexander catches his arm and punches the males face. The male falls dropping the knife. Alexander picks it up.

Male: Be free.


Christian and Seraphim are now sitting on a patch of grass holding each other.

Seraphim: I have to tell you that in the twenty-two years that I have been alive I have never been as happy as the two year I have spent with you. The first day we met you made me smile and I haven’t stopped since.

Christian: You don’t have to do this.

Seraphim: I want to. I want you to know how much you mean to me. And that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’m going with you. I’m going to die happy.

Christian kisses her on top of her head. She looks up at him. They kiss.

Christian: It’s the way it should be.

They kiss again. Alexander approaches.

Christian: Who’s blood is that?

Alexander: I had no choice.

Christian: No choice in what?

Alexander: Some crazy asshole up the trail.

Christian: You killed him?

Alexander: He was going to kill me.

Seraphim: Where did you get that?

Alexander looks in his hand. He drops the knife.

Alexander: You want to know something ironic? I’ve never felt so alive.

Christian: Just get cleaned up.

Alexander: What’s the point?

Christian: I don’t want to look at it.

Alexander removes his shirt and wipes himself off.

Seraphim: What’s happening to you?

Alexander: I’m looking death in the face and it isn’t pretty.

Searphim: You are losing your mind.

Alexander doesn’t respond.

Christian: I’m not ready.

Alexander: What?

Christian: I’m not fucking ready.

Alexander: You have no choice so, deal with it.

Christian: Fuck you.

Alexander: What’s your problem?

Christian: We are sitting here waiting to die.

Alexander: Why don’t you go cause some mayhem?

Christian: I’m not you. I’m not going to go kill someone. I want more time.

Alexander: i told you I had no choice.

Christian: How do we know that? How do we know all your Jesus talk wasn’t just complete bullshit and you are just as crazy as the rest of these people?

Seraphim: (To Christian) Why are you acting like this?

Christian: I’m fucking scared. I don’t want this. I want to wake up tomorrow and see your face. I’m not ready for nothingness.

Seraphim: We are all scared.

Christian walks to a tree and sits under it. Seraphim joins him and they wrap their arms around each other. Alexander lays on the ground in front of them. They stay that way for a while.

Everything goes black.