A Misrepresentation of Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation

-He was ecstatic about his new hair dryer.

-That seems odd.


-Just never heard of a man being overly excited about a hair dryer.

-He has some thing about his hair.

-Still seems odd.

-Then why don’t you ask him, jeez. I thought it was interesting. Guess not.

-Odd can be interesting. This just doesn’t happen to be.

-What do you want from me?

-Never said I wanted anything. You came here. Started some pretty lame gossip. Now we are just sitting. Staring at whatever the hell is going on over there.

-How old is that guy?

-Has to be well over forty.

-She can’t be over twenty.

-Maybe they share a love Butterfingers.

-The candy bar?


-They are making out like there is no tomorrow.

-For him…maybe not. Time is definitely not on his side.

-Poor girl.

-She is living her life. Give her credit for dreaming.

-Dreaming of what? Taking care of a geriatric when she’s only forty. Many a year ahead. Full life to live and she has to change diapers on a grown man.

-You never know. He could grow to be a strong boy. Takes care of himself till the day he dies. I’m sure she’ll keep his body working, you know, sexually.

-Yeah, I got that. Now I’m picturing it. Thanks a lot.

-I think he just cupped her boob.

-I am leaving.


-Don’t need to see young on old sexual perversities.

-It’s natural.

-What’s going on there is not natural.

-You are only saying that because it is going on right in front of you. If they were in a bedroom closed off from prying eyes you wouldn’t think twice about it.

-Exactly. That’s why I’m leaving. I don’t want to see it. Hell, I don’t want to see two beautiful people kissing and groping. Much less someone who could be my father sticking his tongue in and all over some girl my age. You can stay and get your kicks but, I’m out.

-Don’t leave. Let’s just move. There’s a bench over there far away from this.


-See, only the clear night sky to fill your eyes.



-Moving. That was noble of you.

-It’s not like I wanted to stare at them.

-Just say welcome.


-When I was little I would stare at the sky and wonder who changed all the little lights. I asked my dad if I could do that when I grew up.

-That’s silly.

-I was like five or six. You have big dreams at that age, no matter how silly.

-I wanted to be a chef. I would make all types of food with clay and putty and pretend I was on a cooking show.

-See. Now how do you feel about that?

-You couldn’t pay me. Too much work.

-Look at that…

-The old guy left.


-The old guy. He left but the girl is still there.

-What’s she doing?

-Just sitting there. It’s weird.

-How could it get any weirder.

-She’s not moving.

-You have to recover sometimes.

-It’s not like that. Like a death stillness.

-How would you know?

-You just know.

-Oh, you do huh? Go check.

-No thanks.

-Why not?

-Say Gramps did kill her. He could be lurking in the shadows waiting for someone to investigate.

-If he were going to do anything to us he’d do it. It’s dark as shit and nobody else is around.

-It’s the principle of the matter. If he is a killer he has his ritual. They all do.

-You’ve seen too many movies.

-Movies have nothing to do with it. I’m just using my brain.

-There’s a first time for everything.

-You’re so smart you go check. She’s dead. I’m sure. Hasn’t moved this entire time.

-Fine. You see anything creeping behind me just, you know, warn me.

-What do you see?

-You are right. She’s dead. Looks strange.

-What do you mean strange?

-She looks dry.


-She’s all wrinkly. Mummy like.

-What was that guy doing? Maybe sucked the life out of her.

-That can’t happen.

-Why not?

-This is real life.


-It’s like something out of those shitty books you read.

-Stephen King is not shitty.

-Keep telling yourself that. I heard if you repeat it over and over it will come true one day.

-Screw you.



-Her nose just fell off. It’s all dusty.

-He sucked the life out of her. I think I’m going to shit myself.

-That’d be a perfect addition to this night.

-I think we should go.

-What’s wrong?

-Swear I just saw something.


-Behind you. To the left of you. Kind of all around you.

-What should I do?

-I think we’re fu…






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