Cute Little…Oh My God!

She had seen the kitten for five blocks now. She thought it had been following her since she left the restaurant. That’s crazy though, right? she thought. Cats don’t follow, dogs follow. It wasn’t until she reached the street that housed her living quarters that it was definite; the cat was following her. She stopped, squatted, held out a hand and called for the little black kitten. It meowed, cocked its head and inched to her fingers to give them a sniff. Its cold little nose touched her finger tip so she slowly attempted a pet. The cat seemed cautious at first then allowed a stroke of its head, back, under the chin. She picked the little kitten up and carried it to her home.

Inside she set the cat down and removed a bowl from the cabinet, filled it with half milk half water and set it down to be lapped up. As the cat fed she went upstairs, changed clothes, removed a diet soda from the fridge, inserted disc two from True Blood season two, sat on the couch and filled the screen with images of Bill and Sookie.

A few minutes later the kitten came sprinting into the room with her and hopped onto the couch. It sat a cushion away and began licking its paw. She called it to her. The cat ignored and continued washing. When finished it curled up and fell asleep.

Her television speakers filled with the sounds of alt-country music snapping her awake. She stood, stretched and flipped off the end credits from the episode. The kitten was still asleep on the couch. She touched its head and it shifted one of its legs. Leaving it there she ventured upstairs to her bedroom when there was a loud knock at her front door. She stopped. Turned and contemplated what to do next. The knock came again and again. It’s just some teenagers being pricks, she thought. With that as an option it gave her courage to answer the door. As she figured there was no one there. She closed the door. The knock came again, this time sounding from somewhere in the house. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, she thought. Leaving the front door she ventured to where she left the kitten. It was no longer there. The knock came from upstairs. She climbed the stairs to find the kitten sitting in front of her bedroom door. She approached it slowly, lowered to her knees and pet the kitten atop its head. The kitten purred and meowed; rubbed against her knee.

“Cute little….”

Her head then fell to the floor and body fell backwards. The kitten ran to her neck and licked at the exposed meat. A clawed hand reached from inside the bedroom and wrapped its fingers around the head, pulling it through the doorway followed by the cracking of skull and squishing of brain being chewed and swallowed.




  1. Katerina · November 14, 2011

    Oh God, there’s just been a power cut, I shouldn’t have read this! I;m a paranoid person afraid of the dark. LOL.

    Good writing, you frightened me! 🙂 For a moment there I thought the kitten had morphed and done off with her head! Haha..

  2. ThanatosAngel · December 29, 2011

    WTF. This started off sounding like a “Mexican dog” tale and then went off into a random direction unrelated to the cat. I’m sensing a trend here…

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