Tales of People Dying pt. 6: The Followed

He had been following me all night. With his wispy hair, handlebar moustache and one arm. I couldn’t really understand what he wanted from me, me being a modern chick and him looking like the bad guy from Dudley Do-Right (you know, the crazy guy that’s always tying helpless maidens to train tracks, maybe that was his plan with me, tie me to the tracks, skip away as he strokes his moustache and gives a generic maniacal laugh: in the end it was not).
I was with a couple of friends so I wasn’t incredibly worried that anything was going to actually happen to me. Weirdos usually wait until you are solitary and I made sure that someone was with me most of the time. Except when I stepped to the bar to order a new drink and the man was there and the closer I got to him the more features began to show themselves. A scar that stretched from his Adam’s Apple to his lower lip, a mole the size of a pea on his left eyebrow and eyes the shade of red for which no human had donned before.
I ordered my drink, a Wild Turkey straight. Sorry, I like my drinks hard and strong, just like my…
So the guy spoke after my drink order was taken. He had a raspy voice not unlike that of Ian McShane. He told me I was familiar to him that my hair brought a shimmer that he remembered in a dream that wasn’t a dream. That a whisper foretold of me and a chance encounter was imminent at best.
I gave him a chuckle and told him nice line but old dudes don’t ring my bell. So I said bye and turned to leave when he said my name and told me my father was a vampire and he was here to kill me then he injected something into my arm and everything went black.
I awoke in a room of nondescript whiteness. The man was in a chair across from me holding something sharp and dangerous. I tried to move though I was restricted by tape and rope.
The man stood and told me I was going to die and that explaining the reason would take too long and that if I came back I could find him and he’d then explain everything but this is the way it was supposed to be that I had to die to find my purpose and he plunged the knife into my throat of all places and I died ten minutes later.
It sucked beyond belief.


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